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Employee Management Options In Genericchit Chit Fund Software


Genericchit chit fund software not only manage chit funds it include chit related all management systems. Genericchit manage customer managemenet, chit group management, auctions , payments, expenses management and employee management also.

Genericchit chit fund software can manage employee management effectively. It includes the staff full details, (like that name, address, phone no, email, dob, qualification, experience, designation, referral person, address etc..) are store in cloud based genericchit software. You are any time check the staff details.

Genericchit attendance system can generate the details automatically you are give the present or absent , full day or half day details only . Other wise employee id , name, all details automatically fetch the genericchit software.

Genericchit employee management system can automatically calculate the salary, just you are select the employee id only, you can get the all details are automatically comes in software. like that employee no of working days, present days, absent days, basic salary, PF details, incentive, allowance and everything are calculated. 

Genericchit  chit fund software always helpful for chit companies, and their management systems. Genericchit chit fund software have 99% customer retention and 100% customer satisfactions.