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Payment Gateway Integration In Genericchit Chit Fund Software


If chit subscriber left their due balance, no worry about the due balance. Genericchit chit fund software intimate the due reminder information via send SMS, Email, Whats app, Intimation Letter, Post, and etc...

Genericchit chit fund software easy to collect the payment in chit subscriber, collector goes to customer location collect money from chit subscribers, make the due entries, and generate the receipt also. This due information s are automatically update in server with immediately.

Genericchit chit fund software mobile apps are easy to collect money from chit subscriber, If chit company integrate the payment gateway options customer directly pay their due amount online, through genericchit mobile apps. 

Chit subscriber login their details, and chit fund software can show the customer arrear details, payment details, paid details , and next due installment details also. Chit subscribers  select the installment and paid the amount also.  This payment amount are automatically credit chit company registered bank account.

Genericchit chit funds software payment gateway option will help of chit companies and their  collections.

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