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Generic Technology are among the top software development company in India, delivering you quality software service within your budget.We are pride one of the top chit fund software service provider. GENERIC TECHNOLOGY provide services in software applications, extensively used in different kind of business process. Our professional helps in creating interactive Websites and Software Applications, Multimedia Presentations by latest technology.Generic ChitFund software is Windows, Web, Mobile based working. We are provide secured online access to it customers. It is savings for customer's money,time,manpower work, and etc...Generic ChitFund software is simple and easy to use.A person having basic computer knowledge can master this software in very less Time. This software systemizes all the activities that are being carried out by the chits. In this software is working in userfriendly, we are given 100% customer satisfaction and data security to our customers.
Our Testing and Quality Assurance Services helps you build in quality and makes error free software. Our group has 20+ years of experience in Server Management. We have a dedicated team and works round the clock to provide all kinds of management services. We believe every customer is important to us and it is the key reason for our existence. We focus and work in the success of our Customers. We also believe-in that our growth lies in keeping our customers happy and satisfied. Our dedicated team support is available 24x7 except public holidays. Generic IT provides email support (during the business hours) for signing-up, usage assistance, problem diagnosis and resolution, clarification in documentation, and technical guidance

GenericChit Chit Fund Software Payment Integration

GenericChit Chit fund software can manage all the transaction in android mobile, chit fund software will allow customer creation, group creation, member allocation, Auction generation, and receipt generation of the chit.
Customer details, Receipt and Payment Details can get as PDF, Excel format, using this format we can take print, and share the details through the What's up, Email, SMS, Soft land and many more terminal company have android mobile app attached printer option , we can take print at customer location, Chit Mobile app can simply manage chit fund receipt and payment transaction details,
Chit fund mobile app have digital payment options (G Pay, Phone Pay) Mobile app Customer portal have all the due details, Customer can select the Chit group and Ticket No, and then chit subscribers details are display in mobile screen, Chit subscribers can select a due's number, and then total amount are display in screen, after you can willing to pay that total amount, just you can select Google pay or phone pay UPI ID and then simply pay your amount.
Customer portal will show Receipt details, pending (Arrear) details of chit subscribers reports section. Android mobile app will simplified your chit payment work, Chit company get more benefits and saving time.

Due Reminder Options In GenericchitChit Fund Software

Boost your chit fund business through simple and easy to use generic chit fund software. The best chit fund software simplifies and automates the chits process thereby making your business more compliant and allowing you to focus on work on the matter. With generic chit fund software, managing a chit funds has never been so easy. Its wide variety of features make chit funds are pleasant & joyful experience.
Genericchit not only manage chit funds efficiently but also provide some of the best chit related options to helps overall business growth. There are many benefits of using generic chit fund software for chit funds and other accounting process.
Generic chit fund software introduce to due reminder options to customer. Incase customer not pay the due amount in before due date that time chit fund companies will send the due reminder information via send in Whats app, Email, Or SMS in customer register mobile numbers. It is highly flexible to accommodate diverse business needs. Genericchit chit fund software scalable as per your growing chit funds business needs.

5 Types of SMS Formats In Genericchit

Genericchit chit fund software integrate the bulk sms formats in software, terminal machine collection, android mobile app collection integration , and payment gateway integrations etc.. Genericchit - chit fund software sms formats 5 different types of working.
1)Arrear SMS: Chit subscriber left the due balance amount that time chit fund companies will send the due reminder sms in customer register mobile numbers. Genericchit already pre formats integrate the software, just select the chit group, customer name only, you can send single sms or group sms.
2) Payment SMS: Payment SMS separately not send necessary, you can make the due entries that time click save button that time automatically SMS will send in customer register mobile number.
3) Auction SMS: Before or after auction any information you can pass particular chit group members that time you can use this type of sms. For example auction date postpone the any chit group , you can send sms particular chit group members, After auction which chit subscriber take the auction , customer name, ticket no, auction amount etc.. this information you can send particular chit group members.
4) Wishes SMS: Your chit subscriber add details in customer creation page, give the dob date, that date based you can send automatically wishes sms.
5) SMS To All: It is marketing purpose used, You can start new chit group that information you can send in your all chit fund members. And Wishes sms (Diwali, Pongal, Christmas, New Year ) you can send it.

GenericChit Android Mobile Apps Receipt Printing Options

Genericchit chit fund software provide for offline, online, mobile based chit fund software application. Genericchit chit fund software mobile application are easy to use, user friendly mobile apps. It is reduced the collection problems.
Chit company collectors goes to customer location collect money from chit subscribers make the due entries in genericchit chit fund mobile apps and generate receipts in customer location and give receipt also.
In this due receipts you can print or sharing receipt in near device of blue tooth connections, whats apps, etc. or chit subscribers haven't smartphone that time chit collector convert the receipt format in file conversion you can send text message format. Genericchit chit fund software mobile apps show the reports, you can analysis your customer pending, paid amount and next due installment amount details.
Chit fund software mobile apps are simplify the chit collection process, & reduced the collection burden. Chit fund software reports are convert able to word, pdf, excel also.

Generic Chit Simplified Auction Work


Generic chit fund software > all chit related information are sending through SMS or intimation card, auction conducting before we intimate to subscriber auction related information.

After subscriber came office informed to group auction month and before auction month biding amount Auction Eligible list prepared from generic chit software ,

Only Nil arrears subscriber participate the group auction After completed Group Auction current auction month payable amount, dividend amount and bid amount are informed to group subscribers through SMS.

Generic chit Prized Customer Interest Calculation


Generic chit fund software provide to interest calculation process every month. Auctioned Subscriber taking money from the chit company. that subscriber is a prized customer.

prized customer not paying the due month amount. if prized customer have arrears amount. that subscriber will charged interest based on due arrears amount.

That subscriber due interest is 24% every month. this is legal for based on Indian chit act rules. Prized Subscriber Not paying the due amount above three months. chit company taking the legal action against prized customer based on Indian chit act rules.

Generic chit fund software Collection Machine


Generic chit fund software collection machine can collect due amount from subscriber at home. Collection machine companies (softland, balaji, visiontek) are available in market.

Collection machine are two types

1.Collection Machine wired model

            This collection machine can import data from generic chit software Collector using terminal machine collect the money from subscriber at any place At the day end Collector submit the collection machine to chit company admin. Chit company admin can upload the data to generic chit fund software database. Subscriber Due’s after upload the data will be automatically updated. This same process are happening daily.

2. Collection Machine wireless Model

              Wireless Model Machine data upload and download work in not needed. Collector can search the subscriber list name wise or phone wise. Searching result will appear in machine screen. After that collector collect the due amount from subscriber. Collector after made the bill immediately cloud server update the subscriber Due amount.

Chit Company admin can view immediately collector collected amount using this wireless model machine. Wireless model is the Best way to Collect amount form subscriber. because collector can not doing any malfunction against chit company.

Generic Chit Fund software Intimation Card


Generic chit fund software Intimation card, Chit company are sending intimation card to all chit group subscriber. chit company have some legal format, As a legal rules chit company are must intimate to all subscriber about chit auction.

Intimation card have Bidding Details, Auction Month Details, Prized Customer Details, Auction date and time, Auction Dividend amount, Next month Auction Date, Subscriber arrears amount, Current Month Payable amount and etc..

Generic chit fund software have some type of intimation card. Group wise intimation card, Area wise Intimation card. another type of intimation card is legal activities. Legal activities means if prized customer not paying their due amount. Chit company taking action against him

Chit Fund Software Agent Commission


Generic chit fund software Agent Commission details.

      * Chit company provide agent commission for Agent joined Chit group Members.

      * Agent commission eligible only after paying third due chit Group Subscribers.

      * Chit company providing percentage based commission to agent

Generic chit fund software have module for agent details.

Agent can get commission based advance from the chit company

Agent cum employee are working in chit company, that employee getting a percentage based commission from chit company

Each and every chit group members joining related work chit company providing commission.

generic chit fund software are providing a automatic solution to all agent related work. Software providing a clear report to all agent commission.


> Customer Wise Outstanding Statement
> Group Wise Outstanding Statement
> TicketNumber Wise Outstanding Statement
> Collector Wise Outstanding Statement
> Introducer Wise Outstanding Statement
> Branch Wise Outstanding Statement
> Company Wise Outstanding Statement
> Customer Statement with in Photo & Id Proof
> GroupWise Chit Ledger
> GroupWise Balance Sheet
> GroupWiswe Trial Balance
> Admin Privilage
> Prized Subscriber Statement


> Customer Wise Reports Generated
> Members Wise Reports Generated
> Group Wise Reports Generated
> Auction Wise Reports Generated
> Monthly Wise Reports Generated
> Date Wise Reports Generated
> Prized Subscriber Reports Generated
> Non-Prized Subscriber Reports Generated
> All Outstanding Reports

Mobile Application

> Export Data & Receipt
> Import Data & Receipt


> Arrear SMS
> Payment SMS
> Auction SMS
> SMS To all
> Festival Wishes
> Birthday Wishes