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Agent Commission Amount Generic Chit Fund Software


Genericchit Chit fund software have agent commission option, Agent or introducer can introduce chit group subscribers, Subscribers are joint the chit group and pay the due amount, 
             After three due’s paid introducer getting commission amount, chit company provide one percent or 2 percent from the chit group values, Agent is also responsible person for chit fund subscribers pending arrear amount,
            if chit fund subscribers have arrear amount chit company inform to agent, Agent wise arrear statement taking from genericchit software, Agent will be insist subscribers to pay due amount,
          Agent will play the important role in chit fund company, Agent is the main person for to run the chit fund groups, Agent is explain the chit company details to subscribers, they are give the good certificate and assurance to the subscribers about chit company,
         Agent is canvas the subscribers, other wise subscriber may be joint other chit company, 
           Agent will be creating the bond between the chit company with subscribers,  here chit company employees also playing the agent role, Employees can introduce the chit subscribers,  
       Employees can canvas the relatives, friends, family members and colleagues to joint the chit group,
           here all person are getting the benefits, chit group can rotate the money from one person to another person, all person are getting job and money from the chit fund group,
         Agent provide surety and security assurance to the prized money subscribers,  Chit auctioned time agent can give assurance to the chit company, agent names also include in documented with guarantor details, 
          if any problem will be occurred after getting the prized money, agent will be the main responsible person for collecting the money from chit fund subscribers,
      More details you want, feel free can connect with Genericchit team