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Accurate Reports In Genericchit Chit Fund Software


Genericchit chit fund software pack comes with 300+ business reports , in this reports are showing business performance better. Genericchit software reports is analysis your business , growing chit funds and save time & money.  Our chit fund software crucial reports referral for following.  

Customer Reports:

Customer Wise Reports,
Members Reports,
Customer Ledger,
Customer statement, 

Chit Group Reports:

FD Reports,
Chit Group Detail Reports, 
Ticket Allocation Reports,
Auction Wise Reports, 
Arrear Reports, 
Current Arrear Reports, 
Auction Wise Arrear Reports,
Auction Eligible Reports,  
Chit Vacancy,
Chit Acquire,
Penalty Reports,  

Receipt Reports:

Customer Wise Receipt Reports,
Chit Group Wise Receipt Reports, 
Cash Receipt,
Cheque Receipt,
Receipt no wise (From To )Reports,

Collector Reports:

Collector Wise Reports,
Collector Collection Reports,
Collector Pending Reports,
Collector Incentive 

Intimation Card Letter:

Area Wise Intimation Letter
Chit Group Wise Intimation Letter

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