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Fixed Chit Fund Software Demo


Genericchit Chit Fund Software is more flexible to work, easy to understand, cost effective, Chit software are reliable for long period of time.  Generic chit have versatile functions. we have more experienced persons in chit domain to well developed chit software  and  explain the chit concept in simple way to clients.

        Three type of chit fund software are available. 
1) Open Chit Model,  2) Fixed chit Model 3) Percentage based chit Model.

Fixed Chit Model

          Fixed chit model chit company have chart for each chit group, that chart have a each and every month Due Amount, Dividend , Bid Amount,  Discount, Prized Amount of every months. 

            Based on the chart chit subscribers can pay the due amount each months.  Chit subscriber can get the prized money for as per wish any months. prized money will be provided to more than one customers at same month and same group.

        here prized money will provided to chit subscribers after discussed with chit company foreman. most of the chit subscribers can get prized money their expected month, in some rare case will not pay to the prized money. the reason is lot of customer will not provide the chit prized money. 

          Based on the Fixed chit rules can provide to prized money to chit subscribers.  here group initial month chit subscribe take prized money  bid amount defiantly maximum amount will  reduced in the chit group. At the end of the month subscriber will be get full chit fund prized money only deducted company commission. 

        For more details you want make call for live demo - 9788037825, 8098129659


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