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Adjustment System Generic Chit Fund


Adjustment System is playing major roles in chit fund companies. Adjustment can integrate all the chit accounts statements.
1) Prize Money Adjustment2) Introducer (Agent) Commission Adjustment3) Registration Adjustment4) Advance money Adjustment5) Reference Adjustment
Prize Money Adjustment           Customer chit group Prized money will be adjusted to all other chit groups due pending payments, this process can cleared in automatically in software. 
       Customer can send prized money to other nominee customer or other relative customers chit groups pending dues also. 
Prized money adjustment system will be circulate the money into chit groups again and again. 
Agent Commission Adjustment.
           Agent are introduced some customers to chit groups, chit company provide a commission amount for  agent introduced persons , chit company are providing commission amount for  motivating the chit business.
Registration Adjustment                          Chit Customer can joint immediately to other groups some occasion time, that time chit company adjust the registration fees from other chit groups previously paid chit dues.
Advance money adjustment.
         Some loyal customer can pay the chit dues before the dues date. that type receipt will be stored in advance section. and then initial chit group joining time customer dues amount stored in advance section.
   After the auction conducted that chit groups dues are generated. software can adjusted advanced money to dues receipt.
Reference Adjustment                               Employees are introduce some customer to chit groups. chit company provide a reference amount to employees and staffs.

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