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Genericchit Chit Fund Management ERP Software


Genericchit Chit Fund ERP software is cloud based online software. Genericchit
 chit fund software is an award winning best chit fund software. Genericchit ERP software complete solutions for chit fund business. It gives fulfill customer requirements and satisfactions. It gives you full secure software and databases. Genericchit ERP software are fully automatically manage all the Integration.

      Genericchit Chit fund management software can integrate the Bulk SMS, Terminal Machine, Mobile Apps, Payment Gateway. Genericchit gives you a fully trending Technology every day, Our Team will support and provide full security to your Data's and software,

       Our Exports team will provide updated information to your chit company, If you want that type of Technology, you can adopt in your chit Software, Chit company can observer the customer using trending technology, You can control market's in your hand using trending Technology.

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