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GenericChit ERP With Andorid Mobile Application Support


    Genericchit Software online working from high configured cloud server. Cloud Server performance are 100 percentage uptime guaranteed. we can handle multiple branch in single location. Branch user can possible to use different types devices and can access from anywhere.

      Genericchit Android apps have two model. one is admin panel another one is customer panel, admin panel have option like to collect the due from customers. admin can check all the collectors collection details, admin should identify collector where collecting the due amount.

    Genericchit Customer panel should check their chit fund subscribers details. Subscribers can pay chit fund group due amount using UPI Address through Google pay. UPI address payment are more secure and efficient technology, 

  Genericchit Chit Fund Subscribers can do all the transaction payment, prized money collection without any direct interaction with chit fund company.

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