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Genericchit Online Chit Fund Software Features


Genericchit chit fund software is cloud based online, you are access any time, any where with out any constraints. It is user name password based working, you are work from home, office, or any other places and any other devices also. like that desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile etc...

Genericchit online chit fund software can manage for multiple branches, and multiple location details are handle in a single places. 

Genericchit chit software can integrate the bulk sms integrations, terminal machine collection integrations, android mobile apps integrations, and payment gateway integrations also.

Genericchit online chit fund software have 300+ business reports, in this reports are analysis your business details , where you can spend money, where you can't spend money and everything are you can check it.

Genericchit business reports are  convert able to word, pdf, excel also. You are which type of format need convert to report and download take the print also. Genricchit chit fund software reports are printable options.

Genericchit online chit fund software any where time check the business information details for any devices. It include features are very useful for chit companies.

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