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Genericchit Chit Fund Software Mobile Application Benefits


Genericchit chit fund software is available in offline, online, and mobile applications. Genericchit mobile applications are easy to use, user friendly apps. It is simplify the collection process and reduced the operator workload.

Genericchit mobile application are cloud based online, you are any time, any where with out any constraints. Genericchit  chit fund software mobile apps are three different types of working. 

1) Admin Panel,
2) Collector Panel,
3) Customer Panel.

Genericchit chit fund software mobile apps are generate the user wise privilege's options can creates. Collector are goes to customer location collect money from chit subscribers , make the due entries and generate the receipt also. 

Genericchit mobile apps are cloud based, this receipt entries are automatically update the server with immediately.  

Chit subscriber pay their due amount online, through genericchit chit fund software mobile apps. Genericchit team always happy to guide you. You are any time upgrade your software as per your requirements.

Our motto is customer retention and customer satisfactions.

1)Available Customer Support In Generic Chit Fund Software


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