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Chit Fund Software Android Apps Free GenericChit


Genericchit software android mobile apps are high end configured cloud server based online chit fund software mobile apps. It is working for online and easy to use, user friendly mobile apps. Genericchit software mobile apps are integrate the bulk sms integrations, and payment gateway integration also. 

Genericchit software mobile apps pay the payment in online through genericchit mobile apps , customer can send the due payment in our chit group and ticket no mention in mobile apps, payment receive the chit fund company integrate accounts receive it. In this process will send in with in 5 minutes, immediately. Genericchit software mobile apps are very fast, fully secure, no more waste customer time.

 Genericchit software mobile apps are fully automatically and reduced manual work and manpower work. Genericchit software mobile apps reduced chit fund operation burden. Genericchit software android mobile apps is added in day book you can refer your business reference.

 Genericchit software mobile apps accuracy reports are know more your information in your fingertips.

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