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Sharing Receipt Digitally Genericchit Software


Genericchit is cloud based  high end configured online Chit fund Software, it is working world wide ,  Genericchit collection mobile apps are simplify your collection process and reduces operator workload. 

 Genericchit Mobile Collection app -have facility like share receipt via - what's up, blue tooth device, WIFI Device,  SMS, Mail and Hard print copy.

   Collector collect money from chit subscribers, All the information are stored in Cloud Server, we can get information any time from cloud server, 

   Digital method of receipt can reduce the paper work, Digital information are get flawlessly any time, from any where using any device, we are making very genuine and perfect transaction both side, 

  All are getting more confident made this type transaction. Foreman, Collector, Chit Subscribers are happy to travel with chit fund company. Genericchit Software ERP Reports are well Designed. Elegant Repots displaying like Excel , PDF, WORD  formats.