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Genericchit Management Software Trial Balance


Genericchit chit fund software are one of the best software in the industry, chit fund software are more reliable and secure, chit software can provide all transaction related and ledger related statement accurately, 

 Genericchit Have Following Primary Accounts Header

1) Capital Account
2) Current Assets
3)  Direct Expense
4) Indirect Expense
5) Future Liabilities
6) Direct Income
7) Loans and Advance

       Genericchit Trial balance are showing the statement of all ledger. chit subscriber ledger showing the chit subscriber quality of eligible in future transactions (Loans).

 All the transaction credit and debit transaction are more clear and perfect statement are given in genericchit software

   Trial balance statement is the final Statement of the chit fund company, 
Based on Prized Money Ledger chit fund company going to pay the GST amount to government.

       you can get any period of  date wise statement in trial balance,  Each ledger can elaborately showing the all daily transaction details