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Types Of Genericchit Chit Fund Software


Genericchit Features

Genericchit chit fund software application is very simple, high -quality, centralized data, each and every clicks safe and secure access, cost effective and most important implementation made easy. Our software automated system will reduced  the manpower work. A perfect solution to empower you to manage your chit fund business Right Way. Your business needs are our priority and your growing business needs a comprehensive chit ERP. Its wide variety of features makes chit funds a pleasant  and  joyful experience.

Genericchit chit fund software available in both versions offline as well as online and mobile application also. You can choose as per your requirements, It's works with and without internet connections.

                  Offline chit fund software is single branch used purpose, it is works without internet connections. Data's are store in your pc, you need for more system for billing purpose you can add the system basis install the chit software. 

                           Online chit fund software is world wide working, you can access the software anytime, anywhere and any devices you can use it. It is works internet connection based. Genericchit software can connect multiple branch and multiple location details are operate in single places. Genericchit organize the all information details in one place.

                          Mobile apps are collection purpose use it, Genericchit mobile apps anytime, anywhere places use it. Mobile apps are simplify your chit fund collection process. It is easy to use, user friendly apps. You are divide the admin panel, collector panel, and customer panel.