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Boost Your Business With Genericchit Chit Fund Software


Genericchit chit fund software application is very simple, high -quality, centralized data, each and every clicks safe and secure access, cost effective and most important implementation made easy. Our software automated system will reduced  the manpower work. A perfect solution to empower you to manage your chit fund business The Right Way. Your business needs are our priority and your growing business needs a comprehensive chit ERP. Its wide variety of features makes chit funds a pleasant  and  joyful experience.

Genericchit chit fund software is best chit fund software in India, we are deliver a quality software and support into our customer. 

Genericchit chit software you can see the details, anywhere any time, any places access the software & connect more branches in a single software.

Chit subscribers pay their due amount online, through mobile apps. If Chit company integrate the payment gateway options chit members pay the chit amount online.  

Our Chit fund software drastically reduced the chit fund operations, It is effortlessly generate bills and share them on Whatsapp. With just a single click. You can generate receipt with the chit subscribers  arrears and payment window you can easily enter the entries.