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History of Chit Subscribers Genericchit


 Genericchit chit fund software application is very simple, high -quality, centralized data, each and every clicks safe and secure access, cost effective and most important implementation made easy. Our software automated system will reduced  the manpower work. A perfect solution to empower you to manage your chit fund business The Right Way. Your business needs are our priority and your growing business needs a comprehensive chit ERP. Its wide variety of features makes chit funds a pleasant  and  joyful experience.

      History of Chit fund subscribers are three types. 1) Red ,2) Yellow , 3) Green Subscribers.

      Red Color Subscribers.
         Chit Subscriber are paying due amount in not regularly,  This type of Customer not eligible for any activities in chit company

    Yellow Color Subscribers.

         This type of chit subscribers are paying due amount irregularly, Chit fund company owner or chit committee members decide to take any type activities in future. 

    Green Color Subscribers.
                  A Loyal chit fund Subscribers is provide a Green Color. This loyal person is eligible for all type of activities in future.

    For Example - 
    1) Loan from chit fund company
    2) Surety of other chit subscribers.
    3) Considering All Legal Activities
    4) Premier Response for All Chit fund Company Functions and Celebration.
    5) Bonus for all Chit Groups
    6) To offer Deepavali, Pongal, Ramzan, Christmas festival prizes 
    7) Invitation for all branches chit functions.

    Ask any query to Genericchit - chit fund software Company - 9788037825, 8098129659

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