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5 Types of SMS in GenericChit Chit Fund Software


Genericchit chit fund software is always comes with new trending technology,  now we can see the bulk SMS integration facilities. It has an SMS facility, in which if your Chit subscriber left up with the due balance. There is no need to worry about,  in our chit fund software handle easily. We made billing and due payment so easy. In this Genericchit software sms are have 5 types, we can see for following.

1) Arrear SMS:
               Chit subscriber left their due balance, no need to worry about it, our chit fund software integrate the bulk sms options, before the due date chit company will send payment reminder information in chit subscriber register mobile no.

2) Payment SMS:
                    Chit subscriber pay the due amount in chit company, chit companies will send the payment information's (chit group, ticket no, due no, due amount) in customer register mobile no.

3) Auction Info SMS:
                         Before auction or After auction chit company pass the information in particular chit groups , that time this type of sms is helpful for chit companies.

4) Wishes SMS:
                 Chit subscriber Birthday date you can send wishes sms automatically in our chit fund software. 

5)SMS To All:

              Chit company launch the new chit groups, that information you can pass your all chit group subscriber members receive this information immediately. In this type of sms chit company use marketing purpose. 


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