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Any Tme Any Where Using GenericChit Chit Fund Software


GenericChit chit fund software is cloud based online chit software, you can access any time, any where places access software & data's. GenericChit chit fund software to manage your entire chit fund business operations.  Simplify your reports to deliver by overcoming common challenges in chit industry with GenericChit. It is simple to use, easy to implement , flexible to customized and complete solution for the unique business process and needs of the chit fund software. GenericChit chit fund software is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way.  GenericChit chit fund software was launched in the market during 2007. Since then GenericChit is committed to provide the best supporting system for the chit fund business upgrading  itself  from time to time according to the market needs. With our GenericChit software configuration lets you build layers of functionality  to support the most unique business models. Improve the performance of your business by taking the maximum benefits out of GenericChit.  GenericChit chit fund software have 99% customer retention and 100% customer satisfactions. 

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