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Genericchit Chit Fund ERP Software


Genericchit  ERP solution are capable of integrating advanced chit funds accounting modules to ensure that accurate data is maintained and accessed real- time. It eliminates the changes of data solids and facilities the management of chit funds transactions. A features - rich dashboard with customizable info- panels make genericchit ERP solution ideal for multi - location chit details management. Genericchit - chit fund software streamline and optimize daily collections, enabling users to set pre-defined alerts and get notified about important tasks. Genericchit chit fund software is very simple, easy to use, user friendly software. It is reduced manual work, manpower work and human errors. Genericchit always coming up with new technology, we are ready to change the software as per your requirements. Genericchit chit fund software have 99% customer retention 100% customer satisfactions.

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