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Genericchit Chit Fund Software Modules


Genericchit- chit fund software modules are cost effective, secured,  centralized data, easy, convenient, works offline, anytime anywhere branch details access from any device & most importantly integrations made easy. Genericchit carry business in  your pocket. Get notified of the critical business information from your chit fund software and take timly decisions with real time reports from your phone anytime anywhere. Genericchitchit fund software understand your unique business needs, deliver best-fit solution with agility and lower total cost of ownership. Genericchit manage not only chit fund activities,  can manage entire chit fund full activites like that arrears, payments, chit groups, expenses, accounts, staff management etc. Genericchit chit fund software is simple, easy to use, user friendly software. It is reduced your chit fund operation burden. Genericchit take control of your business and manage it professionally. 


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