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Intimation Letter Options In Generic Chit


Generic chit introduce the intimation letter options, In this intimations letters are use for any customer not pay their due amount, that time chit company generate the intimation letter in customer through post . In this generic chit intimation letters are two different types of working.

1) Areas Wise Intimation Card: 

                    Chit company already area wise split the customer for collection purpose, you can select the any one area , in particular area wise any customer not pay the due amount that arrear customer list are show the generic chit software, you can download the customer, and generate the intimation letter through send the customer register address. In this generic chit intimation letter formats already we are pre planed the format you can select , download and take print only. Generic chit intimation letter is simplify your work, and save time and money.

2) Group Wise Intimation Card:

                            Chit subscribers are already have in any one chit groups, you can select chit groups,  in particular chit groups, which customer not pay the due amount, you can download the customer, generate the intimation letter and send the customer register address only.

In this intimation card options remind their due balance , how much amount , show the details. Generic chit fund software intimation letter are very useful for chit companies. We hope in this features are simplify your chit fund process.

1)Available Customer Support In Generic Chit Fund Software

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