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SMS Facility Options In Generic Chit


Generic chit fund software is introduce the bulk sms integration options, it is easy, fast and secure. In bulk sms company you can purchase your sms sender id, quantity as per your chit company usage. You are recharge your sms panel, send the API link we are integrate the software , generic chit give free bulk sms integration. Generic chit sms facility will improve your chit fund company growth. In this sms option 4 different types of working.

1) Arrear SMS:

             Some of customer due amount missing, don't worry about the due balance, generic chit sms facility option will send the customer register mobile number in due notification reminder options. Some of arrear formats we have in our generic chit software, you can select send it only.

2) Payment SMS:

              You are generate the receipt and due entries in click save button , automatically payment sms will send in customer register mobile no. separately you do not send it, Generic chit is reduced your work and save time.  For example we are deposit or withdraw the amount from bank that time bank will send the alert information, in same processer for you will send your customers.

3) Auction Info SMS:

                     Before auction or after auction any information you can share particular chit group members , that time you can use this options. For example after the which customer take the auction, auction amount how much , this information you can send particular chit group member you can share this.

4) SMS To All:

         Chit company launching any new groups, or wishes like that New Year, Deepavali, Pongal, Christmas, Ramzan any festival you can wishes for your chit company customers. It is fully marketing purpose only.

1)Available Customer Support In Generic Chit Fund Software

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