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Successfully Run Your Business With Generic Chit


Generic chit fund software solution not only manage chit funds effectively but also some provide some of the best chit related options to help overall business growth. Generic chit is customizable chit fund software with advance modern chits functions. This generic chit software has integrated tools with automated generation of customer code, chit groups, settings and services in an efficient manner. Generic chit is intended at digitizing your business further boosting the profitability yielded through operations. Generic chit  is simple and easy to use, scalable  as per your growing business needs. Your business needs are our priority and your growing business needs a comprehensive chit ERP.  Generic chit software is available in both versions offline as well as online (cloud based) , you can choose one according your needs. Generic chit has an SMS facility in which if your client left up with due balance . There is no need to worry about in our chit fund software, we made billing and due payment so easy. Generic chit software automatically creates balance and you can send SMS to your customer register mobile no anytime.  Generic chit always comes up with a new features that is demanding in the market . In other case if you want to add any new features you can contact us. We will change your software according to your needs. 

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