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Customer Support Option In Generic Chit Fund Software


Generic chit is cloud based chit fund software solution for all facets of the chit funds business that enables you to perform business efficiently and adapt to the ever-changing in chit funds schemes.  Generic chit fund software is specially designed to give visibility and streamlined operations from chit to back end customer end and much more. Generic chit fund software provide various types of customer supports like that 24*7 customer support, phone call support, Email support, Whats app support and much more. There are many benefits of using generic chit software for chit funds calculations and other accounting process. Not only is it limited simplifying the daily collections , payments, expenses , clear reports & smooth functioning. Generic chit fund software provide the software for admin person, admin person is possible with the many  settings available like user access control, password view options, and password reset options. Generic chit fund software reports are convert able to  PDF, Word, Excel also. Necessary reports is as per the latest  available formats. Minimum requirements for free online technical support is an internet connection.

1)Available Customer Support In Generic Chit Fund Software

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