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Chit Fund Outstanding and Chit Ledger MIS Report


        Gene Chit Fund Software have 200+ MIS Report, The most important report of chit fund company Chit outstanding statement, Chit Subscriber Ledger statement. 

1. Chit Outstanding MIS Report
           Here software showing chit all groups pending details ticket no wise.
Software can collect the information like individual group wise and total group wise.

          Outstanding statement we can separate month wise group pending amount.
Month wise group pending statement can useful for collectors, Collectors can easily under stand their responsibility. 

 2. Chit Subscribers Statement.

           Customer can collect each group and ticket no wise this ledger statement.
Ledger statement have , receipt details, payment details, auction details, service amount details,

     This statement showing three color red, yellow, green.

        Red color is irregular receipt paid customer.
        Yellow color is partially irregular receipt paid customer
        Green color is regularly receipt paid customer on time.

Green color customer only getting all facility from chit company, for loan amount, advance amount, and guarantee for other chits.

)Available Customer Support In Generic Chit Fund Software


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