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Generic Chit Funds Accounting Software


You don't need extra hands to manage chit funds operation business. Implementation Generic chit fund software is easy that you can starts your works effectively. Streamline your finances & accounting with an integrated accounting solution that cover your entire finance related to your chit funds business. With Generic chit fund software stay on top of your business finance without any accounting knowledge. You don't need to hire a separate accountant to manage all of it. Generic chit fund accounting software have advance options like that Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Trail Balance, Profit & Loss A/C, Balance Sheet, Chit Ledger etc..  Get complete control over your chit fund business daily collections, receipt from a range of MIS reports which can be customized, downloaded and shared easily.  Generic chit fund software allows to digital collection options like that terminal machine collections, android mobile app collections, payment gateway integrations, G-Pay, Phone Pay, etc... Generic chit fund software intuitive & specifically  designed software for your chit fund business drastically reduces your burden by saving time & cost.

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