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Chit Minutes – Generic Chit Fund Software – Chit Auction conducting time each and every chit groups minutes information are stored in software,
like – Chit Surety Documents, Chit payment related guarantors, Chit Agent information, Chit Legal Procedure, Chit Lien Creation. 
Chit Surety Documents,
Chit Customer are taking the chit group amount after pledge the surety documents of property,        The Customer surety   documents are verified by chit company legal advisor or advocate , that legal verification charge are collected from the customer        if legal surety document verification can failed, chit payment are not given to that customer.        Surly chit payment are shifted to another customers  after surety documents are confirmed. 
          These all property verification are conducting only earlier month of taking chit amount customer.
Chit Payment Related Guarantors,
Chit Payment taking Customers must provide minimum three  Guarantors Names, 
             if  Prized money customer not paying properly chit dues amount, Guarantors will must taking the all the responsibility of the customers. 
 Chit Agent Information,
chit auctioned  customers agent names are included in the minutes section.                    Agent also responsible person for collecting the dues amount from auctioned customers.
Chit Legal Procedure
Chit Company Legal Advisor or Advocate will doing all the legal procedure of auctioned customer information to government.
              Each and every month will be submitted to chit group auction information list to government.
             if any problem are occurred in both company and customer government will take action all chit related problems.
Chit Lien Creation.
Chit Lien are created before auction payment given to customer. Customer advance amount, customer relatives or customer nominees have any bending amount in chit company.
              Based on that bending will Generated lien on chit fund group. after paid bending amount chit  amount will be released. 

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