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Terminal Machine Generic Chit fund software


Generic Chit Fund Software can used Terminal Machine for money collection purpose, Terminal machine are effectively used collectors in customer location, Machine have two type search option
 Customer based search – find the customer name and then select their chit group , ticket no, Collector verify the balance amount chit group, Customer can check balance and can pay the due amount on the customer location.

Chit Group based search – find the group and select ticket no , and then collect the amount from customer. 
  Machine have two types one is offline machine, another one is the online machine, online machine can make bill through internet, bills information are updated immediately on the server, 
  Offline machine can work through wire, collector can import the customer data morning and then go  to collect the money from customer their location, and then evening will be updated on the terminal machine.
    Terminal machine can generate the bills on customer location, that 3 inch bill are customer payment evidence in chit group, we can claim the money using that bill any time from chit company,
Terminal machine have avoid the collector looting the money,  machine can save customer and chit company, chit company getting more benefits and security from the terminal machine.

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