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All Features Are In Your Hand Using Generic Chit Fund Software


Generic chit fund software is having more than 15 years of chit fund industry, our chit fund software is suitable for small, middle, large chit fund companies. Generic chit fund software is web based solution, it will work in offline and online & mobile apps. Generic chit fund software will give you idea’s to implement features and functionally in software to reduce customer’s workload and manpower. 

Generic chit fund software have all features like customer management, chit group management, employee management and accounts management also. Generic chit fund software provide excellent customer support & customized our needs. 

Generic chit fund software is always comes up with a new feature that is demanding in the market. In other cases, if you want to add any new features you can contact us. We will change your software according  your needs. The only thing you need to do is to update your software. We made billing and due payment so easy. Generic chit fund software automatically creates sms and you can send sms to your client anytime.

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