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Chit Fund Software Mobile Apps Free Demo Generic Chit


Generic chit fund software mobile apps are cloud based online chit fund software, customer can access the mobile apps world wide. Generic chit fund software mobile apps simplify your collection process, and analysis your business. Generic chit fund software mobile apps are three different types of working. 
1) Admin Login:
        Admin members can see the all details and control the all user mobile apps.
2) Collector Login:             Collection executive members can login the details collect money from customers and make the due entries and generate the receipt that details are automatically update in server.
3) Customer Login:            Customers can login our details can see the our paid amount and pending amount and can see the next due payment details.
Generic chit fund software mobile apps are comes with 100 +business reports, you can performance better for your future reference.

1)Available Customer Support In Generic Chit Fund Software

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