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Chit Fund Accounting Management Software

Generic Chit fund software is Cloud Server based online software, Chit company can maintain multiple branch in single place. Software are support desktop, mobile and tablet. Chit fund software have more features like - Bulk SMS, Intimation Card, Android Apps, Terminal Machine (Softland, Balaji, Visiontek)    Chit fund software have more than 200 Reports. Reports are showing clear statement of Chit company accounts. Chit company accounts are more complicated, because daily entries are fully money oriented transaction. A single transaction mistake is creating a huge loss of company,  Generic chit software can simply the work of Chit Company Accounts. Software are fully automated system. Software are explain to you what is happening in chit company, you can easy to understand about each and every transaction in specific time period.       Accuracy statement of accounts can make a better growth of chit company. we have more 20 experience in chit domain. we can explain you how to create chit fund software. Generic Chit fund software you can use it and get benefit from the software features. 

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